1. Old technology research center

Multi-applications of Eggshell Powder

Most people will discard the eggshell after eating the egg. In fact, the eggshell contains the human body’s usable ingredients, which can be eaten after processing. This can also reduce waste and the burden on the environment.The main component of the eggshell is calcium carbonate. The calcium-containing component is the same as the clam shell, bovine bone and small fish. It is a natural and good source of calcium. Because of its practicability, Eggbao Biotech applies eggshell powder to general food supplements, or to calcium ingots to supplement the body’s required calcium. In addition, it can also be used in life applications such as body cleansing, for washing fruits and vegetables.

2.Old technology research center

Multiple application of eggshell membrane

As the saying goes: “The eggshell is tight and there are seams.” It is true that there are pores on the eggshell. However, why the egg is left outside but it will not dry inside. The answer is that there is protection of this layer of eggshell membrane.The eggshell membrane is a film located inside the eggshell. It has the same properties as collagen. It has excellent water absorption, can absorb a large amount of water and maintain moisturizing degree. In addition, it can promote collagen hyperplasia, restore skin elasticity and accelerate metabolism.

3.Old technology research center

Multi-application of egg butter:The nutritional value of eggs is mostly in egg yolk. Egg yolk contains protein, lipid, vitamin A, B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, carotene, minerals and other nutrients. Egg butter contains a lot of phospholipids and monounsaturated fatty acids. It is effective for the supply of brain nutrition and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays, the nutrition and efficacy of egg butter have been widely recognized. In addition to being a key formula for health foods, egg butter is also applied to general foods (such as egg towers) to promote the health of Chinese people in a more intimate and direct way.

4.Old bird house

The rope is a common sacred object in the Japanese shrine. It is also written as a “seven-five-three rope” and a “tether” etc. It is a special rope used by the shrine to hang or encircle. The hanging rope used for hanging is smashed into two thin ends. The circle used for the circle is generally the same thickness, and the wire is usually found in the tori, the god tree and the worship hall.Note that the rope is used to create “enchantment” to show the boundary with the holy thing. In addition to the evil spirits, it also separates the world from the world, reminding people who enter this world to be reverent and not offensive. The gods will also bless you and protect you.

5.Wuling Industrial Culture Center    

Every Taiwan has to eat and use more than 20 million eggs every day. The height of the stack is equivalent to 2,500 Taipei 101 buildings. Eggs play an indispensable role in life necessities and are closely related to your life.Coming to the Wuling Industrial Culture Center, we will take a look at the production mode, production and sales styles, application methods, and all the things related to your life in the egg industry through interactive video and teaching aids. Learning and sharing from knowledge, connecting the emotions in life, let the eggs come closer to you.

6.Old technology research center

As the first new venture in Taiwan with the core of biotechnology applications, Eggbao knows that eggs are not only for satisfying the appetite of the people, but actually have more magical health passwords for you and me. The quality of life brings a greater contribution, so we have established a research center for the old technology. Combining the resources of the Department of Production and Government with the Japanese technology, the Center has developed an egg-shell film, egg butter, protein peptide, lecithin, egg shell powder, apolipoprotein, hyaluronic acid from an in-depth study of eggs and chickens. Ten key technologies such as chicken peptide, collagen, organic manure (environmental fertilizer), and successively obtained a number of patent certifications. I hope to combine the efforts of all walks of life to actively promote the health and longevity of Chinese people!

7.Commodity Exhibition Center (Egg extract)

In your impressions, chicken eggs, beside the form of food or raw materials, what kind of surprises that they have? With an in-depth understanding and research on eggs, and mastering the latest trends in Japan, Eggbao has successfully developed a series of special products related to eggs, whether it is health products, nutritional supplements, beauty products and personal cleaning products. You can experience and try out the egg collection center and discover more eggs in the daily life application.

  1. Jiang Hu Big Street

From the big bird house to the longevity hall, the shops on both sides are decorated with black and white walls, and the Japanese Edo period is full of portrayal. This is the central axis of the field. We call it Jiang Hu Street.The old Jiang Hu (えど) which is Tokyo now(とうきょう), selling blessings, souvenirs, Japanese dim sum and various snacks. It is better to be on the streets of Tokyo, just to get to the bustling streets of Tokyo. Eat, stroll, and shoot better.

  1. Hope Hatchery (factory)

The factory can be a closed and forbidden place, or it can be a place of incubation hope. Come to Hope Hatchery, different from the traditional production factory atmosphere, we use a large glass window with a simple and clear graphic description, let you witness the mystery of egg production, whether it is hydrolyzed egg shell film or egg butter extraction method, It is open to the public, and it is transparent and unobtrusive, in order to show the value of peace of mind and win the smile of your trust.

  1. Founding of the company

Eggbao Biotech is the first startup in Taiwan with the core of biotechnology application. The founder, Gu Ronghai, has extensive experience in the development of Taiwanese egg industry for nearly 40 years and knows all kinds of eggs in the human body. The advantage, determined to join hands with his eldest daughter, the general manager of the current Eggbao company, Gu Yuping, to promote the egg from the daily appetite of the Chinese people, to promote the health and longevity of the Chinese people health care products. In order to achieve this goal, beside the credentials, the general manager has the medical master background, the company also introduced the resources of the government, and hired the professor of Tokyo University, Japan as a consultant to the strongest R&D team and technology. we successfully developed a series of bio-health products related to eggs, and used the most practical actions and the highest quality products to help the health and longevity of Chinese people.

  1. Establish the purpose of old village

In a short trip to Japan, Chairman of the Board Director Gu Ronghai visited the place of Nagano, and under the leadership of the local old man, he came to the famous “Longevity Tibetan Zun” to pray for the blessing of health “Longevity Tibetan Zun” to pray for the blessing of health and longevity. At the moment of the prayer, the chairman of the ancient society is eager to bring this blessing to the original Taiwan. After returning to Taiwan, he will turn the good thought into action, and establish the egg treasure biotechnology company, which will continue to be the general manager of Gu Yuping. Under the active service, he is determined to build a new-style sightseeing park integrating knowledge, education and blessings for the people of the country, and will be named as the eggbao biotechnology village.